Lifecycle Stages - the difference between a customer and an evangelist


What is your opinion on the difference between a customer and an evangelist?


We have a customer who is also an evangelist


and a contact who is an evangelist for us, but is not a direct customer.


I'm thining that the contact who is customer & evangelist must be of higher priority so not sure whether to classify them in the same stage.


What do you think?



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HubSpot Employee

Hi @THall2!


The HubSpot definition of an Evangelist is a customer who advocates for your company. So by our definition, an evangelist would be a customer first.


That being said I can definitely see a use for evangelists that were not customers first and advocate for your company without purchasing! I would suggest categorizing these contacts as "other" unless they are in another part of the buying journey and may become customers themselves. This would allow you to prioritize your customer & evangelists.


There are plenty of use cases for lifecycle stages though so I hope you find a method that works for you!