Let me remove default properties from my Deal view.

We have replaced the Country/Region default property with a Country List property so that it more accurately reports on regional sales efforts. Dealing with misspellings and acornyms makes this one of my least favorite default properties.


Having made a drop down select property for Country I want to remove this from my view on the left hand of deals. But because it's default I can't remove it so mine and my sales teams initial view is getting cluttered due to default properties being something we can't remove but also don't fulfill the needs of our company.


Please let me remove default properties from the main view on a deal/contact/companty/etc.

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Let me remove default properties from my Deal view.

Hi @DCowan


Thank you for reaching out to us! 


You would be able to customize the lefthand side bar but, not the right handside. 

On each record you can go to See all properties and them to Set default properties, there you will be able to change the views for all users on the portal, and select and organize the properties that you want to see on the left menu. I'll leave an article with more information about this Customize record sidebars and preview cards.




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