Let contacts (behind login) update their data with forms?

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Hi - I'm using Hubspot as a way for prospective students to apply for my program and one feature we've wanted to implement for a while is "saving your application for later."


We're considering putting the application process behind a user login but are wondering if we can still use Hubspot's embeddable forms.  Is there a way for us to associate a logged in user (of our website) with a Hubspot contact and then let them update their contact properties?


I tried using "identify" with HSQ without any luck (makes sense, would be a security hole).  I know that you can autopopulate fields with query params but we have lots of fields with paragraph length answers.


Any help/ideas would be appreciated.  Right now my plan is to create a separate form, pull in the Hubspot contact property data via API and sync it but obviously would be much nicer for maintainability to just use Hubspot Forms.




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Hi @heythisisdave,


The best way to ensure users properties are updating associated with their contact record is to have them include their email address when they are filling out new forms. 


Email addresses are the deduplicator for contacts, and also will ensure that new fields submitted are associated with the right contact.


If you have specific concerns  or questions about using HubSpot forms, please let us know.


Thank you,

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