Leads are recorded to different databases

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So I am very confused.


We have two WP websites. Lets call them es.AR.com and just AR.com.


There are two hubspot accounts MAIN and LEADS with different IDs.


On both websites in "Connected to HubSpot Hub ID" there is the ID of the MAIN account. In the MAIN account the target domain is "AR.com" and "es.AR.com" is listed as external domain in "advance tracking".


I would expect that all leads/contacts from the both websites get recorded to the MAIN database. However that is not what happens.


Some leads (but not all) from the AR.com website are recorded into the LEAD database instead.


I cannot understand why that happens. The ids in the wp plugins on both sides are of the MAIN account, not LEADS. Tracking obviously works on ar.com website, because some contacts are recorded correctly.


Can you please help me understand?

Should I delete the LEADS account altogether, will that fix the issue? 

Thank you!

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We would gladly buy a paid tier if we could figure out how to get all the leads in one databases.