Lead Tracking by Source and Tool


Looking for feedback or solutions others have found work best when trying to track Lead Source (as it can be very extensive). We want to know who sourced the lead and how/the tool. From BDR, Outside sales, Partners, Marketing, and so on.


Our Goal: Create a better line of sight into lead sources so we can understand ROI, channel/department contribution to leads and revenue and report in a more concise manner



Finding a hierarchy that works. Right now, we have a mix of department / source / medium organized in an unclear way, under one single "Lead Source" property. We need to simplify this property and explore ways to automate it as much as possible.

  • Filtered tables. Leveraging some sort of dependency to only show certain fields depending on which “source is chosen – such a Tool” the dropdown would then allow the user to select from the various tools available. We don’t know if this is possible.
  • Unique Tables. We could create a view for each department and allow them to only see the sources and medium relevant to them (we should only make them insert one and then it automates the up or downstream checkboxes). We would then need additional automation to combine these 5 tables (marketing, bd, etc.) into a single source for reporting. Might be a good answer, but could be confusing too.
  • Single massive table. All the options in a single list (tool – LinkedIn, partner – XYZ, etc.). This will probably be a real hassle to parse through, but it’s an option. We could then group the sources (tool – LinkedIn, tool – Leadership Connect, etc.) into a single reporting view.

Minimizing clicks for those inputting data. We want to minimize the effort by automating as much as possible and limiting options seen so people actually use this field.


Department versus source versus medium clarification. We need some language so people understand the differences in Lead Source. If Jeremy tells Rob to call a guy he knows and provides contact info, it’s an AE lead, if Jeremy says “I saw an article about a new General” and Rob needs to source the lead (cold versus warm) then it’s a BD lead.


Thanks ahead of time!

- Brian

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Community Manager

Hi @BrianDL 


Thank you for reaching out and for all that details! I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Josh @AdamLPW @MatthewShepherd @Mike_Eastwood do you have any insight for @BrianDL on this? 


Thank you



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