Lead Source from contacts from Bing Ads showing up as Organic instead of Paid Search

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Just got a handful of leads from Bing Ads... yet Hubspot is reporting the lead source as "Organic".


When the lead clicks a Bing Ad, they auto-append a "msclkid" parameter to the URL.

(that's the Microsoft Bing Ad click ID, a signal that it came from a Bing Ad,  see https://help.ads.microsoft.com/apex/index/3/en/60000).


Right now Hubspot assumes it's "Organic" and is improperly attributed as such when it should be attributed to "Paid Search".


Yes, best practice is to have the right UTM parameters appended to the landing page URL within the ad, but sometimes oversight (or laziness) it doesn't happen... So since Google ads are properly identified as 'paid search' (even when there are no parameters appened to it), then likewise I'd expect the same with Bing Ads.


Has anyone else observed the same thing?



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