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So I have been using HubSpot for a little while now. I'm finding it to get rather annoying that when I'm in "John Doe's" account with "John Enterprises" every email and task that is associated with "John Enterprises" comes up under "John Doe's" account. So if "John Doe" and "Jane Doe" both work for "John Enterprises" everything that is recorded for "Jane Doe" also shows up under "John Doe." Is there a way to shut this off? I would like if everything recorded for "John" stays under "John" and everything with "Jane" stays under "Jane." Is this possible?  

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Hi @HTMLighting  Welcome to the Community. At this time there is not a way to filter the timeline to show only the activities of one cotnact. This is an oft-requested improvement however. 


Can you head over to this Ideas Forum post and add your comments and feedback?


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