Items from calls to be posted as Tasks or under the Deals?


Hi everyone, hope all is well.

We just finished the integration of our app with Hubspot and I would like your opinion based on your experience so far on the following question:

We capture action items for hubspot users that are created during Customer calls & meetings (e.g: on Zoom). Is it better for the users to find these items:

a. As seperate tasks under the "Tasks" tab

b. As notes under the "Deal" tab

Many many thanks in advance!


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Hi @Vaios,


I like this functionality! My opinion would be as a task vs a note. A note would be too easy to overlook and wouldn't be assigned an owner of the activity.



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Josh Curcio

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Hey @Josh thank you so much for the feedback!

This is how we have configured it at the moment - creating and/or assigning new tasks automatically.


If you like the functionality, feel free to go to and try it - it is free 🙂