It is worth it to have different pipelines?

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Hi there,


In our company we have three different types of deals: Gathering (inbound marketing), Hunting ( Outbound) and Grow/Farm (Upsell). We use to have one pipeline, but some experts recommended us to divide it and create three different ones to have better forecasting.


Right now we are trying to create reports and is really difficult to make the numbers match, (we would love to have an overview with numbers from all pipelines and then independent ones) so we are wondering if maybe is better to come back to one pipeline.


Which are the benefits of having three different pipelines?

- one benefit is that we will have a more accurate forecast because we can calculate the closing time for every type of deal.


*Our deal stages are the same for the three pipelines 


Could you please help me?



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Hey @Angelamr 


It's sort of subjective thing but I'd suggest keeping one pipeline if you have same stages for all three segments. You can create three different segments with a custom property. One pipeline is easy to manage and with segments, you can have almost all sort of reports. 

 If stages are different, its a completely different story. 


I hope it will help Smiley Happy