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Hello all and Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to be part of this community. I have a question regarding Customized Property fields and am wondering if someone from the community can share a few insights.

I have:
1) Created a Customized Property of Assets Under Management
2) When creating Filters within the Hubspot CRM Sales Dashboard, the companies aren't visible when segmenting them further. For example, show me Property of Assets Under Management that are greater than $10,000.

The property is a Single-Line text field. I've also tried setting it as Numbers fields (but that doesn't work either). 

What would be the best option forward to segment companies by number range? 

Ps. Companies by Annual Revenue (segmenting by ranges) works - not sure why it doesn't for Customized Fields.

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Hi @ideafridge  As it turns out, the single line text only recognizes numbers as a string, not a total value. However, the number porperty should recognize the inputted data as a value. I was unable ot find this property in your portal. Can you rebuild so we can troubleshoot further? 


Thank you

Ed Justen

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