Is this workflow possible in Hubspot?




I'd like to create a workflow to manage the following actions:


KAM creates a new offer and asks for technical help from a Service Consultant >  Automatic mail to Service Consultant > Service Consultant replies to the KAM and provides info (loop) > KAM sends the offer document to Service Consultant's approval > Service Consultant replies to KAM and approves the document > KAM sends Acceptance from Client > Triggers e-mail to Service Consultant. 

Every action is manual. The goal would be to ensure that the presale process is followed and every associated document is linked or attached to the message. All in a single place (Hubspot). I tried the Workflow option, but can't figure out how to do it as a fully manual triggering process. I appreciate any help! 

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Hi @rdevai,


I would use custom properties as part of the manual action. When the custom property is X, the next portion of the workflow would begin. You can use the new feature in workflows to kick them over to another branch to accomplish this (I think). Alternatively, you can have separate workflows associated with each of the custom properties/manual actions which enrolls them when they meet the criteria.


As far as the document goes, you can either send an email to the rep or link to it in the task.


We're doing something very similar for a client. The documents are stored in the file storage of HubSpot and linked accordingly in the tasks, which are unique, dependent upon the field selection of the custom property.


Please let me know if you need some additional support on this.



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