Is there a way to use the Sales CRM for customer support tickets?

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I have one of my clients using the HubSpot professional sales module with the CRM. They use it to track and respond to thier customers. 


Is there a way to use this for customer support tickets? For example, a customer who sends an email saying they have a problem with a product? We would then need to research the issue, find a solution and respond to the customer. 


I realize that the CRM is not specificly set up as a "customer ticket" platform. But is anyone using it in this way? If so how is it organized? What procedures do you follow?


Or is there perhaps another solution?


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Hi @tlorang


I've not used HubSpot as a support system - although I could imagine that you could perhaps adapt a deal pipeline to progress tickets through to resolution. 

The good news though, in case you didn't know, is that HubSpot annouced a customer support product at INBOUND 2017 - Customer Hub will be available in 2018. More info here: HubSpot Announces Customer Hub, Expands Platform to Support the Entire Customer Experience


Hope this helps.

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