Is it possible to organise an active or static list by company?

Hei! Screenshot 2023-03-21 111450.pngSo a colleague of mine has asked me if it's possile to organise a list by company. There doesn't seem to be the option to organise using the arrows with the Primary or Associated Company columns like the others (see image).


Am I missing something here, or is this not possible currently? Are there other ways of achieving this?

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Is it possible to organise an active or static list by company?

Hi @MSavageHel ,


If you set up auto-create associated companys via email domain, "company name" property under your contact might be blank for most of the cases, so not good for filtering.


If you consider third party tool, may want to check out this:

You can sort by company or filter your hubspot records however you want. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 3.40.35 PM.png


Hope it could be helpful


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Is it possible to organise an active or static list by company?

Hey @MSavageHel, thanks for reaching out!


It doesn't look like it's possible to sort contact lists by primary company/associated companies, but you could use the "Company name" contact property.


Some contacts may already have a value for "Company name" if they provided it in a form or you updated it manually, but you could also:


  • Create a workflow that copies the company "Name" property from the priamry associated company to the "Company name" contact property on all associated contacts (if you have a Professional+ HubSpot subscription)
  • Export the contact list (including the primary company and/or associated companies properties) and manually copy those values into a "Company name" colum in your spreadsheet. You can then reimport the spreadsheet to set those values in bulk


Depending on the ues case here, I also want to call out that you can create company-based lists that will pull in specific company records based on the criteria you set (and sort them by name).


Hope this helps!!


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