Is it possible to hide/grey-out, rather than fully deleting contacts?



We have Hubspot connected to a third-party lead-generating service, so we get many contacts imported for which we don't get the business.

Rather than deleting them all, it'd be good if we could hide or grey-out some of these, as it may be that they will come back to us later, so we would still have a record fo the communications to date. Is this possible?

We basically want to have a clear way of identifying which are active clients, which are ongoing, live leads and which are closed leads.



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Hi Jade


Do you currently use Lifecycle Stages? If not, this may be a good option to use to help you classify contacts. You can also add some custom lifecycle stages that meet your own classification. 


You can learn more here


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Hi there @SimplerAcc ,


Thanks for your post and I hope you are keeping well.


A good option is using the lifecycle stages as @Fitzycath  suggested. It will be a great way to classified the interests and stage of your customers.


Also to bear in mind, when you delete a contact from your account, this can always be accessible and restorable for the next 90 days.


Read more about this option here:


Another possible option is that you create lists of the contacts not engaged, export them in a CSV and action them later on if you need them by import them again within Hubspot:


Personally, I think, organizing them and segmenting them it will be the best option.


Find a great guide about how to organize your customers to grow better here.


You may also be interested in this certification: 


I hope this helps you. Please let us know how did segmentation worked for you if you decide to implement it.


Always happy to hear more about your experiences.