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Good Afternoon,
My name is Ethan Willard and I am the office manager for Slice Communications, a PR and Social Media company based in Philadelphia, PA. We are currently on the hunt for a new CRM system, and wanted to reach out to you to see if your system would be a good fit for Slice. The following are few questions we have to so we can learn more about how your CRM works and if it's a good fit:
1.) Does your CRM integrate with MailChimp and Google Suite?
2.) Does your CRM make it easy for users to migrate their data from the old CRM to yours?
3.) Is your CRM mobile friendly?
4.) Does your CRM have card scanner integration?
5.) Is your CRM simple to use?
6.) What is the pricing?
Thank you so much for your help in advance!
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Hello @ewillard,


Thank you for your questions and welcome to the Hubspot Community.


Moving forward, we ask that if you have multiple questions that are unrelated to one another, that they be posted as separate threads on the proper board, but this time around I'll just answer or provide links to answers in this one thread.  Many of the answers are available in this community, or in the Hubspot Academy.  


1. The only native Hubspot integration with Mailchimp is the ability to connect Lead Flows and Collected forms to a Mailchimp list.  Additional information can be found here.  Zapier is a third party integration that connects Hubspot to hundreds of other systems and could be an option depending on what you're trying to integrate.  Additional information can be found here.  You might also find Zaps that will allow you to sync data between Hubspot and Google Suite.


2. There isn't an automatic mechanism for migrating data from other systems, but as long as your user's have their contact/company/deal data in CSV files, they'll be able to import the data.  All CRMs are different, so they will likely have to do some housekeeping to make sure that the files can be read by Hubspot. Here are step by step instructions for importing contacts and companies into the CRM.


3. When using the Hubspot CRM on a mobile device, the best option is to download the Hubspot mobile app for iPhone.  An android version is currently in beta.  


4. There is not currently card scanning functionality within Hubspot, however I have seen Zapier work for something like this.  Our product team is hoping to build a native business card scanning mechanism, but there is no timeframe for when it will be possible.  


5. Yes, but the term simple is subjective.  No person is the same, so while someone might think it is very simple, others might have difficulty using it. We have a full training on how to use Hubspot Sales so anyone can learn how to use it. You can take the training here to become Hubspot Sales certified.


6. Pricing information for all Hubspot products can be found here.   


I hope this helps!