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Intended way to use and update default properties

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I'd like to understand the logic behind having some of the default properties, i.e. the ones provided by Hubspot that pre-exist in every account, and how they are intended to be used. Especially given their sometimes puzzling data types.



  • LinkedIn bio - Single line text
    Am I supposed to manually copy and paste the self-intro from peoples' LinkedIn profile? Into a single line? And then periodically go over my contacts to see if anyone updated and manually copy/paste again?
  • LinkedIn connections - Single line text
    Why is this a text field, not a number? And again, am I supposed to manually copy/paste this for each contact?

Why do companies have "LinkedIn company page", but contacts don't have a "LinkedIn profile page" property? There is a property for Twitter username, why not for LinkedIn? If there was one, I could see how the fields above can be automatically populated, but as it is, I can't understand Hubspot's logic behind creating those default properties.


  • Twitter profile photo - Single line text
    How can this be single line text?? What am I supposed to do with this? If I wanted to put someone's photo in there, how would I go about it?
    The description says "This is set by HubSpot using the contact's email address." Doesn't make much sense. In a B2C context, I rarely care about consumers Twitter photos. In a B2B, context, I will have contacts' work email address, but most people register social media accounts under private addresses, making matches very unlikely. I have never seen one. Since there is a property for Twitter username, why not pull it via the user name?
  • Date of birth - Single line text
    I had a separate post about this one. Again, why in the world, is this single line text and not a date format? If I wanted to fill this in, what format am I supposed to use so that Hubspot can recognize it for things like birthday reminders?
  • Klout score - Single line text
    What is this "measure of Internet influence" and how does it get populated?

There are several more, but you get the idea. What's the thinking behid providing these various default properties?

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Hi @SpubHot,


For information that is being pulled in from other platforms, such as social media platforms, the information will be pulled into HubSpot as it is available and in the format it is available from the other platform. 


The type and availability of these properties will be dependent upon the external systems.


In regards to Klout, this was a tool used to measure your influence via social media. It was sunset in 2018, so I would not expect it to pull in a value for new contacts. While the property was sunset from new portals in recent months, if you created your portal before it was sunset, that is why the property is still there.


Thank you,


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How is that information being pulled from other platforms? I've never seen an automatic pull of these fields for any of my contacts.


And with those strange data types, it makes it impossible for me to fill in this data manually. At the end, it just clutters up the property list, esp. when I have to duplicate basic fields like Date of Birth.