Integrating Hubspot calendar with Hubspot forms


I am wondering how to integrate a HubSpot calendar into a Hubspot form. This is getting done for the CEO of the company so it needs to be seamless and easy. 

I also need it to be a dropdown menu of what dates are currently available. When the time is selected by someone, it should be removed from the drop-down.

After they select a time and submit the form, 2 things need to happen: 1. the form needs to trigger an email to send to the person who just filled it out. 2. a calendar link must show up on the CEO's Google calendar.

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Hi @CJMartindale 


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Usually, the meetings link by default send a confirmation email that will be sent when someone books a meeting through this meetings link. 

If you need the meeting to be shown on the CEO's Google calendar, then the CEO needs to have connected the calendar and customized it with his meetings tool preferences, you can create meetings links to share with the contacts so they can easily book time with the CEO. Booked meetings will sync with his connected Gmail or Office 365 calendar so all the appointments will always be up-to-date.


You can find more information about the HubSpot meetings links here.


I hope this helps.




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