Integrating HubSpot with other applications using Bedrock Data




I'm wondering if any of you great HubSpotters out there have any experience using Bedrock Data to sync HubSpot Deals with 3rd party CRM/Service Management application (in our case ConnectWise).


I'm having problems getting Deal Stages to sync between the two systems, and align the different ways they record a deal as 'closed' (HubSpot uses the final stages in the pipeline, ConnectWise uses a separate Status field).


Bedrock is actively involved in helping me address this, but I would really like to reach out to anyone who may have experience with this already to see if I can learn from your experiences - particularly in how you map properties, prioritise those mappings, and determine workflows.


Thanks so much!!

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Hi, @LoisJ. While I've never personally worked with Bedrock, I did recommend them to many customers when I was part of the HubSpot support team. I'll include my thoughts, but I encourage you to reach out to Bedrock with these concerns. They'll be able to provide their input, and should also be able to provide references that can also give you additional insight. 


It sounds like you're trying to answer, "Just how much metadata from my third-party CRM needs to live in HubSpot?" There aren't any limitations to the number of properties you can create in HubSpot, so you could create properties for every field used in your CRM. Of course, it's possible that seeing carbon copies of every CRM field, along with all native HubSpot properties, could be difficult for end users to navigate.


Third-party fields should be used in HubSpot for three primary reasons: Data entry, automation, and reporting. If the ConnectWise field is something your HubSpot users won't populate, and it's not something you'd want to use to market to/automate around, it doesn't need to be in HubSpot.


It may help to build lists of ConnectWise fields users would want to update in HubSpot, then do the same for things you'd want to automate, then report on. I don't know if there are any technical limitations which would cap the number of mappings you could create, but prioritizing by functionality might help you plan. 


Start small, and thematically. Make sure that whatever you bring over to HubSpot from ConnectWise is a set of properties that work together, and not just a set of disconnected data that doesn't help tell more of a story/make things easier for your end users. Over time, you can iterate and increment the third-party mappings. 


And get buyin from as many people as necessary on your team. If it's not just you using your sales and marketing automation, other users will want to be part of the process, or stay in the loop as to what's being mapped. 


Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
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