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We've seen a lot of prospects with great Instagram profiles that represent a huge revenue for their business (even stronger than Facebook).

Is it possible that Hubspot develops an more in depth integration with Instagram?


I'd like to add Instagram properties to my companies on Hubspot Sales. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @anabarbaracorvo  Apologies no one has responded yet.  It is possible that the integration with Instagram could be strengthened and add more robust features down the road. At this time, however, I'm not privy to what those features would be.  There is also the possiblilty that Instagram metrics could become part of copany info through the Insights database (think Alexa Rank), but again, I have no access to or knowledge of  that roadmap.  


Can you add this as a post to our ideas forum? Please include the following for deeper context: 


WHO is the feature for?

WHAT product/tool does it improve?

What is the GOAL?

How would this add VALUE?


Thank you,

Ed Justen






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