Incompetent Hubspot Tech People

Who's fault is it if:

- A second advertising agency goes live with a campaign on our behalf today. 

- you check to see if the leads are being pulled thru correctly, contact record with Deals, contact record tagged with correct ad source and being enrolled in the correct workflow.

- The agency forgot to ask if we had a workflow that all new leads need to be enrolled in. 

- He didn't have the bandwidth to fix this.

- I call Hubspot tech support, he adds the Hubspot form for the new ad campaign to the workflow - when he does EVERY single contact 21,000 are enrolled (many reenrolled) into the workflow which triggers an irrelvant email and text sent to every contact making the company look like amateurs, our calendars all booked up cause the text was asking them to book a calendar.

 - You call/submit a response to the Hubspot tech and there is zero accountability or attempted to fix the problem.

- I am pretty sure the Hubspot person forgot to select the right enrollment button when he added the ad form to the workflow.

- This has caused and costed our business significant money 

- There just isn't a level of consistency 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Incompetent Hubspot Tech People

Hi @Nickabr,


I understand your frustration and apologize for the business impact this has caused. I see that you are working on this matter with your point of contact at HubSpot and as this matter is specific to your account, partnering with your HubSpot account manager will be the best next step.


Thank you,



HubSpot Community Team  

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