Inbound email from unknown contacts are automatically being added to the CRM


I understand the Gmail integration has both logging and tracking settings, and when sending an outbound mail through Gmail with logging turned on if any contact I'm sending to is not already in the CRM it will automatically be added. That makes sense, and it works.


However, I'm also finding the plugin is a little too "productive" and it also creates a new contact on every INBOUND email as well. I've had to delete all kinds of random contacts with "info@" and "noreply@" addresses, along with their corresponding companies.


This seems to be a straight-up bug that I should report, but I'm just submitting here first to see if I'm missing anything, thanks! 

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Hi @briborg,


Thanks for reaching out.

Is it possible that you have connected your email address as a shared inbox?

In that case, incoming emails will automatically create a contact record.


This thread explains the difference between personal inboxes and shared inboxes.

Maybe it would make more sense to connect the email address as a personal inbox in your case. 


I hope this helps.

Take care!


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