Improve Duplicate Contact (de-dup) Functionality

I'm having trouble understanding the logic of only allowing periodic duplicate contact checking.  Why can't I refresh that screen anytime I'd like?  Instead, I get this message:


"You have 77 possible contact duplicates ready to review. They were last calculated Nov 7, 2021. They will be calculated again by Nov 21, 2021."


We just migrated all of our service tickets from Zendesk and I know it created a ton of duplicates and yet I have to wait 3 more days before your tool will let me clean them up?  What sense does that make?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Improve Duplicate Contact (de-dup) Functionality

Hi @jasondebruler , thank you for your post.


I researched our internal resources, and found that this calcuration runs every two weeks and it's currently not possible to run it on a custom timeframe. 


However, I have found that this feature feedback was raised by other users as well and there's this idea post : Enable to calculate duplicates more often


Our product team is constantly on the lookout here for users' feedback and ideas on ways in which they could possibly improve the functionality of our tools. For this, may I suggest you to upvote this linked idea post and share more on your use case on this idea including as much detail as possible? The more our Product team knows about an idea and how it would impact their use, the more accurate they can be in acting on that feedback.


I hope this clarifies!