Importing multiple-checkbox from a csv



Does anyone have experience with importing multiple-checkbox data from a csv? I have found this post, but when I separate each value in the column (that corresponds to the multiple-checkbox property) by a semicolon, hubspot recognises all other columns as one, and each multiple-checkbox property as a column to be mapped.


Another way I tried (which their support told me) is by duplicating the rows as many times as multiple-checkbox values each row entry has. In that case however, instead of adding a new tick, the value for the multiple checkbox would just be updated. 


I did create the multiple-checkbox property and predefine all possible values. 


Does anyone have experience with this and can help me out? Any hint would be greatly appreciated. 🙏



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Importing multiple-checkbox from a csv

Hi @LKaczmarek1012, any chance you can share a screenshot of the spreadsheet so I can get an idea of what you're after.  Feel free to remove any sensitive data.  

I can't guarantee I'll have the answers you're after, but I can try 🙂

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Importing multiple-checkbox from a csv

Happy Monday, @LKaczmarek1012!


Thank you for posting in our Community!


You are correct, When importing to a multiple checkbox property you need to separate the values with semi-colons rather than commas. As outlined in this knowledge base you shared above.


Do you want to create a new value instead of updating the checkboxes you currently have? I want to invite our top experts to this conversation @AdamLPW @franksteiner79 @louischausse any recommendations for @LKaczmarek1012?


Thank you,



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