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I'm looking to switch from Accelo CRM to Hubspot CRM. Does anyone know if I can export then import my Contacts, Companies and Email history from Accelo into Hubspot (I don't need opportunities imported)?

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Hi @Salple 


You can import files into HubSpot with all your Contacts, Companies and Deals (opportunites).


You can not import email history into HubSpot from a file (possible using the API but would require custom code).


You can export your data from Accelo but it looks like they make it tricky by exporting SQL (fine for a geek like me but now helpful for normal people).


So, there are a couple of options:

a) export to SQL and get it converted to something HubSpot can import (CSV, Excel)

b) try the HubSpot Accelo sync to migrate as much of your data as you can

c) see if you can find a migration service (the ones I know don't do Accelo)

d) get a custom migration system built.

e) put the Migration in the too hard basket


Whichever option you choose it's probably going to take a bit of effort. 


How much data do you have in Accelo?