Importing Google CSV for Contacts


First things first, I amusing the free version of the CRM, therefore I didn't have an onboarding. 


I'm trying to import all my and my colleagues contacts into HubSpot. I unfortunately also have to use threads since some of my co-workers use Apple Mail and you can't integrate HubSpot into Apple Mail. So to maake sure all of their Mails also show up in HubSpot I first have to import all of their contacts via csv. 


The standard csv I get from GMail doesn't work though, because it does not have a "unique identifier". Which seems weird with gmail being on of the if not the biggest Mail provider and Mail host. You'd think HubSpot would make sure Googles standard export csv would work with their software. 


The other methode I tried is the Outlook csv which I can also export from Gmail. here Hubspot tells me that not every column containing any information has a corrsponding header. 


It looks the exact same as the Google csv. Only column A contains any text.


I would love to just be ableto use the standard csv here and for it to work. It really shouldn't be that difficult. 


And yes I have been through the import guidelines provided by Hubspot, but as soon as I change ANYTHING in the Google csv, I get the same error message Iget with the Outlook csv - every column containing information needs to have a corresponding header. 


Please tell we what to do....

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Hey Marius,


Might be able to help you with this. You said that only Column A contains text. Could you maybe share the headers that you are using in the document without sharing any of the corresponding data? Just trying to get a better idea of what is going on.