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I'm importing contacts from a CSV file and when i agree the columns, despite matching the Name column from teh CSV file with the Name column of Hubsport, after the import, the emails are put into the Name column as well as the email column. But i don't have the names anywhere. HELP PLEASE!

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Hi @julsp thanks for your question. From your wording, it seems like your import file has a simple "Name" column, where you are inputting your contacts' first and last names. The CRM actually has properties for First Name and Last Name, which are separate - so your file would need to be formatted as:


First Name - Mary

Last Name - Jones

Email -


Is this the case? If the problem persists, could you provide a screenshot of how your .csv file is formatted? You can also fine more information about the import process in this article:




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Thanks for getting back to me May - i understand what you're saying but in the Contacts page of Hubspot, the first column which is a Hubspot default column is NAME - what then goes in here, is it 1st name, 2nd name? i'm also uploading 1000 contacts that don't have the first name and last name split out so that's why i did it that way. i just assumed that this combined Name in my CSV file would go into the Name column of Hubspot?


thanks in advance for any more info?


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When you are on the Contacts listview page of HubSpot (where you get taken when you hit Contacts from the top menu bar) - you are exactly right, that first column is Name...however it is a combination of the First Name & Last Name fields of the actual record...Name by itself isn't a contact property, but I can see where the wires are getting crossed for you.


If you click into a person's record that is showing the email address as a name, then type their First Name and Last Name into the contact card at the top of their record - then go back out to the Contacts listview - you will see their name has changed from email address to Full Name.


So when you import things, you do have to split them into First Name and Last Name columns. 

Are you using Excel or Google Sheets to create your .csv? I can walk you through easily splitting the columns.