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I am currently using Pipedrive CRM but I want to move to Hubspot CRM, how can I do it to import all my data including the tasks and ods of my deals?

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Hi @Paulius !  Please take an advantage of Data2CRM and use an automated Pipedrive to HubSpot CRM import. The service will move all your data with the related items directly to HubSpot just in a few hours. Also, you may try to run a Free Demo, to chech the data import in action. 


In case you will have some question regarding CRM migration, please mail me directly!


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Hubspot provides a nice overview of how to migrate your database here:


To summarize a few critical points:

1) You can import Contacts, Deals & Companies yourself via CSV file if you have those

2) In order to import tasks, notes and other activities, you would need to either utilize the API if you have developer resources or work with a 3rd party who can do this for you


For the first option, its important to be aware of the limitations of setting the relationships between your records when importing via CSV. You can read more about that here & here. These limitations can be bypassed when utilizing the API.


Import2 is one 3rd party you may wish to consider. We utilize the API, so can import your data exactly as you have it in Pipedrive. You can try a free sample first to make sure everything looks good before performing the full import. 


Hi there,

I'm sure that you performed the migration a long time ago. However, I'd like to share my experience with the similar data transfer.

So, my first decision was to rewrite all the information by myself. But, it was not a good idea because of high time and labor cost.

Then, I hired a freelancer to address him the migration task. It is an expensive yet ineffective method.

After all, an automated data migration became my way out. All the process took few hours and saved a lot of money.

My best.

To migrate all your data from Pipedrive CRM to Hubspot take a look at Skyvia. It`s GUI is intuitive, well organized and moreover setting up complex operations is a like a breeze.