Import for Company took Lifecycle Stage backwards


I had the understanding that the Lifecycle Stage wouldn't change if I import a company that has Lead as the Lifecycle Stage in the import and Sales Qualified Lead in the system already. However, when I imported a test, it took the company from Sales Qualified Lead back to a Lead. Shouldn't this have stayed as a Sales Qualified Lead?

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Hi @jimwatson - I totally get the headache this would have caused had you imported the whole list and not done a test (speaking from experience)!


You have to be very careful when you update using an import. HubSpot only knows that you are giving it new information about a contact or company not what your intention is and unfortunately this can lead to unintentionally updating a field that shouldn't have been updated.


Some tips I give to my clients:

  • Anything you know is not aligned with the data in HubSpot - exclude from the import (either by removing the column from your CSV or by telling HubSpot not to import that column)
  • Make sure anything you import is as accurate and up to date as possible (including lifecycle stage, lead status and any other signals that might cross sales and marketing wires)
  • If possible use a workflow to bulk update a specific property for companies and contacts


Hope this helps clear things up!




Hi @dianalcont - Thanks, but unfortunately, that doesn't really clear things up. As mentioned, and based on experience, I did a test to confirm the functionality mentioned here in the FAQs....which mentions the lifecycle stage wouldn't go backwards. Unfortunately, it did. I am trying to import new leads and HubSpot is incorrectly consolidating leads together. So what I am importing is in fact accurate and needed in the import as they are new records.


Hoping someone on the HubSpot side can help clear some things up. Thanks, all!