Import deal amount (€MRR per customer)




We just started with Hubspot Sales and Marketing prof. and we now want to start using the Hubspot CRM, importing Contacts, Companies and Deals.


So, I'm aware of these limitations when importing:

  • Contacts, Deals and Companies can only be imported separately
  • A deal can only be imported once (has no identifier such as a contact's email)

And here's my problem:

  • I want to do a monthly import of our customers' monthly recurring revenue (per customer)
  • Furthermore, I'd like to report on the mutation of this property (per month, also per customer)

Our customers' revenue is not a fixed number. In fact: when a customer stops using our product, the monthly revenue will be €0, so this number is extremely important for our business. 


Does anyone know a solution (or workaround) for this?


Thanks in advance!

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You might want use a third party import tool for your use case as it has less limitations.

Disclaimer: i am with Import2 team