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I am new to HubSpot but have used other CRMs. I am in the initial stages of setting up our clients in the Free version although we are happy to upgrade if required. We are a regulatory compliance consulting firm with no sales pipeline. All of our client's sign with us as warm referrals. We offer a range of services and I have a few questions;


1. Where would you put a list of services that a client is currently engaged in?

2. How would you display the status of those various services? For example, one service is that we will apply on your behalf for your regulatory license but there might be 5 status levels that the task will be in before completion. I want to be able to at a glance see what status each client is in for every task assigned. We might consider these status levels as sub-tasks. 

3. We might want to attach automation to these status levels / subtasks. For example, moving the regulatory license service to status = "client form pending" would email the form to the client.

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Hi @DAllen7,


If your services pass through stages, you could leverage the ticket object. It's originally meant to track requests made to customer service but can be used for other purposes as well.


The ticket object has freely definable stages which could be your 5 status levels. Let's say you have services A, B, and C with 1-5 status levels, you could associate tickets for A and B to a customer and see that ticket A is in status 2, ticket B is in status 4.


A more customizable version of this would be custom objects, however these are only available in Enterprise and come at a much higher price point.


For the automation part, you will need workflows and automated emails. A Professional subscription in Marketing Hub and potentially Service Hub would be needed here. You can send emails based on the ticket properties and status to their associated contacts.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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