I cannot see the recent contacts synced from my WIX account

Hello, community,


For two years I installed the WIX app to sync my contacts and forms from Wix to my Hubspot account. However, I am reviewing the recent contacts of the last month and I cannot find them in my Hubspot list.  I verified if I have still it installed and I have it. Several questions: 


Are contacts to be synced limited? (which I understood no) 

How much time it takes to register into my Hubspot contact list? 


Thanks in advance



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Community Manager
Community Manager

I cannot see the recent contacts synced from my WIX account

Hello @MDIGroup, thank you for posting in our Community! 


Checking the native integration here: 

When a contact fills out a form on your Wix website, that will sync to HubSpot as an event on the contact timeline


Wix Form Submissions Sync to HubSpot Timeline - Every time a contact submits a Wix form on your website, the integration will save all the details to a timeline event in the corresponding HubSpot contact. If it is a new contact, no worries, the integration will create the contact for you and log the event on their timeline!


Are you not able to see this information on your end? You can also segment contacts based on the Wix form they submitted.


 The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.




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