I am very new and confused in setting up my CRM

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Can someone tell me once I set up a contact does the CRM tool automatically send an email to opt in or opt out? I would like people to confirm that right a way or is this some thing I need to do manually. Also is there some documentation about Legal Permissions to send emails. I have tried to sent an email once I set up a contact and that is fine but then when I want to send a mailing it all fails. So I want to make sure when I set it up I set it up properly. 

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Hi @jayco,


How your contacts are communicated with within HubSpot will depend on the settings you have within your account. 


In general, manually adding a contact to your account will not send the contact an email. 


For more information on how to configure GDPR settings within your portal, I wanted to share this resource.


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@jayco I am confused. I add contacts to HubSpot that I am already in contact with or who expect to be contacted by me.  Are you using the Marketing platform and are looking for subscribers to opt in?