I SURRENDER. HubSpot damaged my contacts on Google. I'm closing my account.

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bug.pngThis is the end.

I tried and the result was a terrible problem to solve.


Since the beginning, I explained that without a true integration with Google Contacts it is impossible to use HubSpot, but I followed the recommendation and tried Zappier. I configured the integration by default options.


First, when I add a new contact on Google, it was duplicated.


Now I discover that it changed the company name to the position in a lot of my contacts.


You can see the result on the image and I'll need to fix it by hand. Hundreds of contacts.


I'll advise my friends to not consider HubSpot as a CRM option.


Even if you decide to pay, It is very expensive and doesn't work well.





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Hi @EmanuelTavares,


Firstly, I would like to apologize for the frustrations, data issues, and business impact this has caused. 


I did want to tag @markkofman in who works with data, HubSpot, and specifically with importing Google contacts into HubSpot.


If we can assist, please let us know.


If you decide that parting ways with HubSpot is the best choice for you and your company, I wish you all the best going forward, and we are here if you need help down the road. 




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@EmanuelTavares, it is probably too late to jump in to help, but happy to assist you with setting up Google Contact and HubSpot sync correct. Feel free to reach out to us directly at https://wizard.import2.com/apps/hubspot