Hubspot owner displaying as 8 digit number

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help - my colleage's name isn't appearing under hubspot owner on the left hand side of the screen when she is viewing a contact. Instead of her name - she sees an 8 digit number in red! 


Does anyone know why this is please?


Also, she's had some issues saving notes and tasks.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi @HS_LST ,


The 8 digit number is the internal value associated with the HubSpot owner property. It will typically show up if the HubSpot owner is deleted as a user in your portal if the external value is no longer associated with an active user. 


If the numbers are showing for owners who are still users in your portal, I would recommend clearing your cache and seeing if the issue persists across multiple browsers. 


If you're still experiencing issues after taking these steps, please send along screenshots and links to contacts where this is happening, as well as the user it is happening for. 


Thank you,

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