Hubspot is Attaching the wrong attachments to Contacts


When reviewing the files attached to the accounts we noticed that some of the files had been replaced with other files of the same name. We frequently upload files that have the same name onto different accounts. HubSpot then changes the file name by adding a unique number. For example a file named "image1" might be uploaded onto the first account. When we upload a different file also named "image1" onto a different account, HubSpot has been adding a number to the name, so files such as "image1" becomes "image1-1". Now we have found that previously uploaded images have been swapped out with images with a similar name from a different account. So the page that once had "image1" uploaded now has the file "image1-1" uploaded and "image1" is gone. 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @cryptoTalker to avoid this you will need to use different/unique file names for each record.