Hubspot has incorrect information about me. How do I fix?

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My coworker noticed that Hubspot was reporting inaccurate information about my email address and company. I never signed up for nor downloaded Hubspot in the past. I created an account today to see if I could change this information myself, however, the newly-made profile is blank. 


-who made up this information about me?

-how can I change it?

-how can I find the fake account and cancel it?


These feels like spam. And I do not want my clients to see inaccurate information if they are using Hubspot. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @productionnhs  HubSpot uses the Insights database for company information, and sources contact information from social media and other sites. While the different databases do their best to keep information accurate, they don't always catch the latest updates, and data can sometimes get mixed up due to common names.  


Your best bet is to make sure that your information is accurate on Twitter and LinkedIn, and to ensure that your domain and email info is up to date amongst the various WhoIS databases. Even if the info on those sources is current, it could take time for the infomration to propagate.  Find out more here, here, and here.




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