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Hi team,

I hope you are all doing well and thanks to read my post! 🤗


I work for an actor of the nursery and I'm going to tell you my issue:

I need to have a contact database that contains parents and children. The parent has the main email address (that's who I want to talk to) but the child has the main information (what type of program is being followed, how old is he or she...).


Hypothesis 1:

With a custom object: Create a child custom object and Use contacts as parents.

Problem: I can't create lists or workflows based on children which select the associated parents.


Hypothesis 2:
Without custom object: One contact = one child.

Problem: I am going to have children who have the same email address several times (because a parent can have several children).  But I don't want to send several times an email to the same person


Hypothesis 3:
Without custom object: One contact = one parent and I use custom properties to insert information about the child

Problem: I duplicate as many columns as there are children, lack of readability.


Do you have convictions about my different hypotheses, do you have good ideas if you use a similar model in production?


Thank you in advance for your answers, see you soon.

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Hi @LPorcher 


Thank you for reaching out and for the detailed post! 🙂


I want to tag some of our experts to see what they think! @Bruno_Teixeira @NicoleSengers @rikkilear do you have any thoughts for @LPorcher on this? 


Thank you!



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Hi @LPorcher,


So what you can do is make use of Custom Object. What you have to do is create one custom object say Children and along with the set up of this custom object you can set primary properties in this object say, for example, ‘Roll Number’ of Children instead of ‘Email-Id’. Now finally, you have to associate the Children objects with the Contact as Parent

Now for creating the report you need to perform the following steps:


  1. First, create one custom property in the custom object which is relating child to parents like parent email id or parent unique no. or anything similar.

  2. Create a contact-based workflow and choose the custom object in the trigger (as shown in the screenshot).  Below I had linked my custom object (School-vendor) with the company so.  Therefore, I created a company-based workflow. But things will be similar with the contact-based workflow as well and then in action set custom object property with contact token.

    Point 2.png
  3. Lastly, you need to create a custom report of a single object which is your custom object and create your consolidated report on the basis of that custom property value you copied in the second step.

    Point 3.png


I hope this will solve your query.



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Thank you, thank you and thank you again for these details.🤗

So hypothesis 2 is the most relevant!


I managed to create a workflow based on the Child custom object, and to see the parents associated.

However, I can't create a workflow based on contacts (parents) and filter on the child custom object. (in the opposite direction) Do You confirm me that it is not possible in this direction?



Same thing, I can't create lists based on cross objects: filter on the child AND the parent. Do you have any idea of how to do this?