HubSpot CRM is mixing up data from accounts and contacts

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I found it kinda useful, when I first read about it, that HubSpot CRM would update information in my account´s database via its powerful insights, but it turns out, that this may just be true and really helpful for US-located companies ...!?!


I´m located in Europe, especially in little Austria, and when I import my accounts- and contacts-data (which I first exported from an old Sugar CRM to a .csv-file), the import process and matching of the most important fields works pretty well and gets fine results.


But then, when the magic should happen, it really does ... e.g. all contacts, which belong to the account from Johnson & Johnson Austria, are belonging to Johnson & Johnson, Inc. in America, after that´s being created automatically.


Does that really mean I have to turn off the setting to automatically get my database updated with useful information, when I don´t want all data from Austrian companies being currupted, just because they do exist in America as well !?! :-o


Or am I getting or doing something completely wrong and there´s a much better or clearer way that I didn´t recognize so far ...!?! :/


I appreciate your helpful answers to that mystery ...! Smiley Happy

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HubSpot Insights pulls in the main domain associated with the company, so if there is a subdomain that is specific to Austria, then it may not associate with it automatically. 


There was a similar conversation over here that may be of interest to you.


For a full explanation of Hubspot Insights, I wanted to share this article.


Thank you,

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