How will upcoming iOS 14.5 impact 'ip_country' (IP Country)


On Contact there is a field 'IP Country', which automatically fills in a Country based on:


The IP of a User visiting our Site

The IP of a user that Opens and Email

The IP of a User that Clicks and Email


Info here:


The upcoming changes to iOS 14.5: include pre-rendering all pixels on Apple's servers as opposed to the Contact's personal phone. Seems like this will have the biggest impact to tracking of email opens.


Does this impact clicks as well? 


Will HusSpot continue using IP on iOS Opens to determine the Country, State, City, ZipCode, TimeZone?


Will Hubspot no longer fill in 'IP Country' when it isn't reliable, or is the onus on us to ensure we aren't using 'IP Country' as our primary location country identifier in the case of email opens from iOS devices?



We use 'IP Country' to determine


- Who in Sales a Contact is assigned to

- Which Privacy Law applies to this Contact (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) 


Do you see any issues with us continuing to use this field in this way?

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Community Manager

Thank you for your post @EMacNeille .


iOS 14.5 was released in April 2021 and is already in effect. There was however, a new announcement from Apple around mail privacy protection and some of the HubSpot users were curious to know how that would affect to their email performance. You can find a response from HubSpot Product Team (Tom) in this thread.


In regards to IP Country property, HubSpot uses IP address to fill in this value. When we can't get the IP address, IP Country property won't be filled in. To determine in which country a visitor is, asking via forms or via chatflows would provide you more concrete information.