How to update existing deals using custom property


The business I work for has asked me to regularly import and update deals from an external software package. Is there a way of updating existing deals (using an excel import file) that doesn't involve using the deal ID? I have a different unique identifier (Project ID) that would make the process much easier. If I add this as a custom property to deals in Hubspot, could I use that instead?

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The Deal ID is how HubSpot is going to reconcile that they are the same deal and not just extremely similar.


Some more info might be useful to help solve this. What tier/suite are you using? (so we know what you have access to.)


Also some more detail on what is the "Project ID" used for or how it differs.


What is the external software( does it have an integration/APIs that would do it for you?)


It's possible to have it as a property you can search/filter by in HubSpot but the Import/Export would still need to use Deal ID (Which can be hidden in all other views)

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Thanks for the reply.


I'm using the starter growth suite.


Ok so the desktop software is quite old and no longer being developed. There's no API, just a manual csv/Excel export function.  It is however used extensively by the company and they are reliant on this in the short-medium term.


This software has both customer records and deal records. I have to export both out seperately in a csv format. The only thing that links to the two datasets is a projectID (which is essentially  their equivelent of the DealID).


I've been tasked with doing this every week so we eventually get to a place where Hubspot is mirroring the deals and customers in the desktop software.


I can fairly easily import new deals but I'm struggling withe the best process for updating existing deals.