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New Member
Joined March-2017
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How to stop e-mailing tasks and schedule contacts

I started adding things to my schedule with contacts attached because I wanted to have quick access to the contact, but now I'm finding out that the contact is being e-mail my schedule "event"? How do I stop them from receiving the e-mail? I just want it on my calendar, not necessarily on theirs. 

Also, if I have a task opened for myself to complete for a specific contact, is that contact receiving an e-mail of my task? I don't want them to know the tasks that I need to complete, it's just for my reference. Again, I want the task linked to their contact information, but I don't want the task e-mailed out to them.

I clicked on the notification settings that someone recommended on another question but it only gave me the option to notify myself or not....

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Community Manager
Joined October-2016
Posts: 580

Re: How to stop e-mailing tasks and schedule contacts

Hey @UnboxedTherapy, are you using the Meetings tool to schedule meetings and organise your calendar? This is a contact facing tool, so any associated contacts will receive a notification.


This does not apply to the Tasks tool, this data is private to you and your users in the CRM.

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