How to stop creating contacts from every email received

Hello everyone, I want to share an update of a resolved issue regarding new contact creation on CRM with every email I received.

on august 10,2023. 

I requested help to solve an issue with my email provider from creating a new contact to my CRM with every email I received,

it seems like this issue has been going on for a while and has not been solve by Hubspot for the general public

But this is what I got in response on august 11, 2023 and resolved my inconvenience...


To stop your sales extension from creating new contacts. You can just go to your Gmail account and click on the sales extension logo (it should appear in the right top corner).

Then, You should be able to see an option below that says "log and track settings". After clicking that option, please unmark the "new contacts option" and save the changes. This will prevent your email provider from creating new contacts!

I have attached some screenshots to help you 🙂

Hope this information was helpful.

Kind regards,

Vladimir Reyes Fuentes.





How to stop creating contacts from every email received

Any ideas on how to create a list of contacts that were added in this manner?

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How to stop creating contacts from every email received

Hello, thank you for sharing it.

We're certainly delighted that you've already found a solution.


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