How to send new customers metadata to Hubspot


Our goal is to add new accounts created on our website to HubSpot automatically through API and update their information later on user's dashboard


I guess CRM API is ideal for this use case. However, I need more information about which API I should use to createupdate, and delete contacts? What custom properties are allowed?

Another use case is when a user creates a new account, they can opt in or out of various categories of communication. Moreover, they can be changed anytime after creating the account on the user's dashboard. I have taken a look at subscription types for this use case but 
I received the below response from Hubspot earlier and it seems impossible to manage subscription types-
"While the Subscription Types API is available, once a contact opts out of a subscription type, there is no way via API to resubscribe them. i.e. it would not be possible to override this. Therefore, if you had someone change their preferences, to resubscribe to a particular subscription option, it would not be possible via API."

Are there any other ways to manage this, such as through CRM API through custom fields? Please help

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Hi @SMondal2,


Are they creating the new accounts via a form, ecommerce transaction, or something else?



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