How to remove or add a checkbox property from multiple companies without overwriting data.

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I have added a new value in a custom check box (multiple option) contact property.


I have selected all the contacts I wish to bulk edit using filters.



I would ike to add a new check against this new value based on the filter. However I have tested the aproach on two contacts and found that I overwrite the existing data.



New Contact property has options A, B, C, D and I have now added E

Contact 1: Has A, B and D checked

Contact 2: has B, and D checked


If I bulk edit these two contacts by simply adding a check against option E. Both contacts now ONLY have option E checked (their previous data - deleted).


I note there is a solution proposed (based on company properties) that involves exporting the existing list editing and then re-importing over the top but this seems awkward and inneffecient. We will need to do this on a regular basis.



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Hi, @RossMcLee. Multipicklists can be appended, either through a workflow (if the companies can be put together with list logic), or on create or update via an import. This behavior is the same for company and contact properties. 

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.
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Surely there is an easier way?... Can this be implemented in a future release?.. use greyed out check boxes to show that only some of the records already heave those check boxes checked. If you click the box twice you are saying overwrite this value. Same approach in most Windows applications (like word text formatting).