How to make a difficult design


I want to make the following design:

Company, department, location, room and person working there.

There has to be a dependancy: 

Department 1 2 3 are at the location 1

Department 4 5 6 are at the location 2

Location 1 has only room a and b

Location 2 has only room c and d

Is that possible in HS?

Thanks, Jan



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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

How to make a difficult design

Hi @JBons, this is Grant,


Say more when you can. Is this for your website, for the left-hand sidebar, for a deal record, for a company record? Thanks for clarifying. 


In the case where you want to represent these structures and realities within a company, you can do so with company record properties (default company properties) and with parent-child company relationships.


Hope that helps!



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