How to maintain consistent original source for leads?


New hubspot user here. Like many others, we're getting leads from various sources.

One source is facebook ads and we can filter our these leads based on one of these autopopulated fields (thanks to hubspot integration with fb)

First referring site -

Original source drill-down 1 - Facebook

First conversion - Facebook Lead Ads name


Now, my team is also getting queries/calls from yellow pages and newspaper ads which they need to add into hubspot. Now I'm having trouble deciding what should be the property where they can add yellow pages as lead source. Of course, I can create a new property where they can mention it but I don't want to create multiple lead source fields, it breaks the consistency. My intent is to re-use one of the lead source fields which are auto populated when some leads fall into the hubspot from one of the integration. That way I can later filter leads by that single property. For example if i could filter on Original source drill-down 1 with the possible values like Facebook/google/Yellow pages/newspaper ads. but that's not possible in hubspot. I also can not go with Lead source because i cant add an additonal value Yellow pages or newspaper ads to it.


In summary, How to maintain the consistency of lead source when leads are falling from various online and offline medium. How do you tackle this common problem? 


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The only way around I see is creating a new contact property with multiple checkboxes (Facebook/google/Yellow pages/newspaper ads) and manually selecting the source as and when the contacts get added. 


if i create a new property then it needs to be manually filled everytime a new leads fall from facebook ads. can't it be filled automatically somehow?

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@gourav_evrcare Are your leads call ins?


You can create a form for the website and have a dropdown of where they hear about you.  Of course, as mentioned, a dropdown will provide the best sorting options.


I prefer separate fields for sources as I may want to do something else with it later.