How to log chat conversations similar to logging calls (no integration)

I am using the free layer of Hubspot.


We are successfully logging the calls, for example: A lead leaves a phone number in our web and I log today at 9:00 that today at 8:15 I called her and the call was outbound and the outcome was contacted, or number invalid, or whatnot.


Up to now, to file chat conversations we added "notes" like "I have tried whatsapp and it says 'invalid whatsapp number' so next step is to do a voice call".


But when we file "notes" I can't specify such a number of fields like for calls, like in- or out-bound (and chats have that property: Did I start the chat, or they started the chat with the company), also chats have a time-span, like calls. A call can be "from 9:00 to 9:30" (IDK if that can be filed in hubspot or not) and a chat usually ranges a timespan too (in the chat from 18h00 to 21h00 we set this and that). And also an outcome: Not ready now, invalidated number, verified contact, ready to follow-up, etc.


Can I file chat conversations as if they were call conversations? Is there any specific entity to do so? Should I use the "call" entity and add a property to it like "channel" to indicate if that was voice, whatsapp, telegram, etc?


Do you guys file chat briefings in hubspot free-edition? How?

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How to log chat conversations similar to logging calls (no integration)

Hello @xmontero, thank you for posting in our Community!


To include conversations in a customer's contact or deal Activity Feed, you can follow these steps:

1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Activity Feed to access the activity feed for contacts, or navigate to Deals > Activity Feed to access the activity feed for deals.
2. Use the search bar to search for a specific activity if needed.
3. Click the Activities dropdown menu to filter the feed by specific activity types.
4. Expand the activity card to view a full list of a contact's or deal's recent activities by clicking on the [X] open(s)/sent/+ other activity link.
5. To follow up with a contact or deal, hover over the activity and click Call, Email, or Create task.
6. You can also click the More dropdown menu and select Create note to log a note on the record, or Schedule to schedule a meeting with the contact or deal.
7. To mute or resume notifications for a specific email thread, click the notification or notificationOff button at the top of the activity.
8. If you're using the HubSpot mobile app, you can access the activity feed and send tracked emails from the activity tab. Tap Menu, then tap Activity Feed in the left sidebar. Swipe right or left on your screen, or tap the activity tabs at the top, to navigate between activity types.
9. To view all of a contact's email opens and recent activities, tap the [X] open(s)/sent/+ other activity link.

Please note that the Activity Feed is specific to the account you are signed into, and the associations of activities with contacts and deals depend on the type of activity and where it was logged.


You can also associate the conversations manually by including the conversation inside a note.


To our top experts @Josh @Mike_Eastwood any recommendations to @xmontero ?


Thank you,


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