How to integrate Google Maps to Companies Page

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I am evaluating the free version of Hubspot CRM, Sales, Marketing Free.

I have been using Salesforce and want to make the switch to Hubspot.

One of the most used features I was using in Salesforce was having a small google map with the company location and then when clicked opened Google Maps in a new window with the account location.


How do I implement this into Hubspot?

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Hey @JasonC ,


GeoMapper is a great solution for easily making searches and displaying your accounts on a map, but I’m jumping in to share another way to integrate geospatial data with your Hubspot data.


If you're looking for more capability (and a platform built for your mobile device!), check out an app called Map My Customers. I created it as a mobile app in 2016, and now we're used on all devices (including web) by over 50k reps. From mapping and routing, to territory management and custom reporting — we're super helpful for reps + teams out in the field. 


We’re also Hubspot’s preferred mapping tool and a Certified App Partner, having helped hundreds of teams organize their Hubspot data visually (along with some pretty cool routing and mapping functions).


You can try us out free for 14 days by downloading the mobile app for iOS and Android

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Hey @mattsniff,

I'm familiar with the product, but it has its own interface and not inside Hubspot and doesn't filter like it was made for Hubspot. I feel you have just met your competition.