How to display property labels in multiple languages ?

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My need is to avoid to create multiple properties to manage multilingual (= got translated labels for values).


For example, to manage the fact that we will display the property "Activities" in multiple language when we use this one in a lead capture tool (forms, lead flows etc.), i don't want to create: 

  • "Activties" property in French, 
  • "Activties" property in English, 
  • "Activties" property in Spanish... = 3 properties, just because i can't custom the labels of the property values in the lead capture tool builder.

I would like to have just one "Activities" property that i can use with all my forms, by just translate the labels. 


I know it's impossible to do that, but is there another way to manage multilinguale property without creating 1 property / language ? 


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Hey @Manonbly! How did you solve this problem?

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I am having the same issue and don't want to duplicate properties as I have 100+ just to have a different label.
How did you manage to solve this?