How to deactivate a company or contact?




is there any way to deactivate a company that went out of business? After deactivating it, it should not be possible to engage with it anymore and all it's contacts should be deactivated too.  They also should not appear on reports anymore.

This would be needed for companies that go out of business. Deleting is not an option as we would then lose all the history and traceability.

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What I would do is create a custom checkbox property on the company record called "Deactivated" or something like that, as well as a matching one one on the contact record.


Then set up a contact based workflow that has enrollment criteria of "At least 1 associated company has Deactivated=True", and then update subscription status for all your email types to "Opt Out" and update the contact property to be deactivated=True.


There isnt a way to make it so they are automatically excluded from all reportsby default, but you can just use the contact property to filter it out of your reports. And this solution should also prevent future communication with the contacts.


Thank you for your replies.

So it looks like normal Hubspot users do not have customers that go out of business or contacts that change jobs. I guess we will have to create our own attributes and workflows then.

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When looking at items like this I typically have to make a choice on if the contact still should be in the DB if it is no longer valid. More so when you are looking at overall DB size. 


We do have a custom property we use to track these items for inactivating users at an organization. It allows us to make sure they are excluded from any type of email campaign we would run. However often times I find I would rather keep the DB clean and remove such individuals to avoid confusion or change a rep thinks this individual might still be a valid contact.

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Thank you @JustinPerkinsC  for sharing your insights.


Basically I was just looking for a native way to keep my data clean without having to delete the history. Hubspot for example could provide a feature that greys out deactivated companies or contact to avoid any missunderstandings. I still think that HS should provide a standard workflow for these cases which does not involve deleting things.

We will now build our own solution as suggested by you guys. Thanks again for your input!